My video with Candyrat Records (Inspired by Game Of Thrones) Amalgames


Hello friends !

I'm happy to share with you a song from my new album , uploaded with Candyrat Records ! "Amalgames", a duet guitar violin.

I like the tv series Game Of thrones , i would love to do a song for them but's impossible ,ha ha , so , i tried to do a song for us ^^

I hope you'll like the song and the video ?! If you have any comments i'm impatient to listen.

Sorry for my english , i'm french..

Musically from France :-)

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i have seen a lot of great classical and jazz guitarists come from Candyrat Records!

i'm subscribed to the youtube channel, lots of talented folk

diggin it keep it up
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genuinely thought the title said analgames
it's all just coming back
it's all coming back

it's all coming back to me
Thank you ! And for "Analgames" you are not the only one ! The title is in French Amalgames , in english Amalgams so every letter is important to not have analgames :-)

Is a track from my latest album "Home" , so analgames is pretty dangerous ! haha ^^

i like that im seeing more artists from candyrat that dont do that obnoxious percussive show-offy bullshit
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genuinely thought the title said analgames


edit: that video was pretty good
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I'd play French analgames.
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I'd play French analgames.


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