I bought one of these things a couple months ago. Already have a uke that I'm neglecting and yet felt compelled to get a Merlin. GAS, except with non-guitars? Yeah, I guess. It cost me $129 on Amazon, complete with tuner and a polishing cloth (no case though! unless you use the cardboard box it came in).

Have you guys played one of these things? What did you think of it? I love the rustic "hillbilly" twang. Here's a couple videos of guys banging on these little things.

Here is an Italian gentleman playing his Merlin. Very cool stuff! English isn't his primary language, it amazes me how well he sings this.


Here's a Canadian gentleman playing a hillbilly favorite. This guy is extremely cool, btw.

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isn't that second guy yope?

Hehe...don't know how old Yope is but the guy in the 2nd video has a 50 year old son.
i like the big ass confederate flag in the background of the first video

very classy
That's pretty much a dulcimer. They're pretty fun little instruments. I have a dulcimer that I added frets to so it's chromatic. I take it to Renaissance fairs and play it for the wenches.