Its a cool song clarity was average. I felt though it lacked direction. there were some very nice little licks in the song. But it was full good ideas in there if structured it could be even better oversll nice work clearly have talent
Very good clear mix. It has some feeling like Metheny's ilustrational music. Overall it is very relaxing. For me it would be even better if it will be a little longer. It is hard to write something that is improvisation but your playing is "in that mood", licks are ok. I like sound of your guitar. Good.
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Good production work man, sounds a bit like the Cure. I love the sparse build up and the reverb guitars. Only complaint is that it gets a bit repetitive. I love the whole outro build up from 2:20 onwards, it gets heavy without adding too much distortion, I really enjoyed the ending.
Great work man, hope to hear more.
You can review my music here man: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1696884
Yea thanks for your feedback again. This sounds awesome I can hear everything very clearly. Love the sparse swelling of the distortion guitar coming through toward the end. The leads are friggin tasteful as hell. You have a very melodic death metal styled way of playing lead and carrying your melodies, kind of sounds like something Insomnium would have in one of their clean sections. It just has that type of phrasing and pattern to it. Not to make it about me but it kind of reminds me of my phrasing lol. Very melodically driven track you have here great job.
Thank you for the reviews! Now your song: not sure if that's synth or guitar on the intro (I think it's synth on second listen). Nice melodies, feels a bit quirky at times (not a bad thing). Kind of reminds me of an instrumental Morrissey/The Smiths, or like the Cure at times. At times it has a Spanish vibe. Nice & tasteful guitar playing. I like the occasional low pitch higher gain guitar at ~2:45. A pleasant tune with nice audio quality!
Critting as I listen, and love the intro. Great beat behind it as well. The bit at :30 is beautiful, and the mix between the bass and everything is perfect. Really enjoying the lead that started around :50, it fits the song great, in every way. The lead at 1:48 is awesome as well. Simple but concise with what it is bringing to the song, and the swells behind it are a nice touch. Bit of an abrupt end to it, but overall very, very enjoyable. Great late night relaxing music!

You can crit me stuff here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1697100

Look forward to hearing some more from you!

Hey, thanks for the crit on my track.
This one was a bit of a change of pace in comparison to what I usually listen to, but I like the way it flows, and you obviously know your way around a guitar. I liked the intrigue added by the minor feel at about the 1:30 mark and the way it resolved back to the main idea. Tasteful playing and a cool track.
I really like intro, I like how it sounds like I could be in space. I really like guitar melody, it sounds straight from an Anime ( complement, I like Anime ). The way the piano and guitar complement each other caught me off guard. The little melody you did near the end was very enjoyable.

Personally the only thing I did not like was the ending guitar after everything faded out. Taking about the part after 2:50 second mark.

Great stuff though I cant wait to hear more of you!
Hello TommyGunUk,

Thanks for the review!

First off, I really enjoyed your lead playing; great runs and melodies.

Second, this song is very chill; its got some nice ambient sounds. The synths and the distorted guitar really fill in the song.

Overall, great track.