Dear members

All my life I've been interested in playing guitar though I never really put any effort or time into playing it. Right now, I am 21 years of age and I've decided to actually learn playing guitar. So yesterday I was looking on the internet to buy a guitar. I started looking for Squier guitars, but came across a deal in a local guitar shop.
I bought myself a brand new Fender Strat for 450 euros! The local shop sold the guitar lower than I've ever came across, and on top of that they gave me a 20% discount!

Anyway, I was looking for some amps to buy and came across the VOX AC4TV and the Fender Champion 100. A tube amp vs a transistoramp.

Since I have a real Fender strat now, I kind of want the best for my guitar as well.
So I was hoping if anyone could help me out and help me decide which one I should buy. They are both +-280 euros. I know this is a weird comparison but still.

Thank you! :-)