Hi all,

I've been playing some fingerstyle acoustic guitar for a bit, but despite having played for 6 years, still feel like my playing is still very rough. I've uploaded a video of me playing a slow intro of my own and then a cover of a song called Common Ground by Andy Mckee. The original song can be watched below:


Below is my video.


I've been told at open mics that I'm a great player, but I know I need a lot of improvement, especially if I was to ever do my own paid gig. Please provide some constructive criticism as to what I'm doing wrong and where I should seek additional help and practice for playing songs like these. Cheers!
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I suggest that you work on improving precision and timing of odd chord changes. For this type of practice I typically study Ted Greene at his free website. I guess this won't help you directly in playing common ground but with time I've found that this type of practice makes crazy chords feel like a basic Em chord. His stuff also kind of sounds like your intro. Good luck!
Hey thanks for pointing out Ted Greene's website! He's got so much stuff on there especially with chord changes. I will definitely be practicing some of his stuff from now on.
Overall not bad, just that when you make the chord changes, be more confident in that you will get the next one. Also, the song was sick, I had never heard it before. Cool find.