Hey man

The intro is cool, and the vocals sound really good, well done with the mixing with regards to the vocals in particular. Where the stereo guitars come in is very good as well. On the whole, this year long effort sounds like it was worth it. The simple choice of harmony/chordwork works well with the song and its always the simplicity that wins out when it comes to songwriting. The vocals are mixed very well, I admire you haha I wish I could mix vocals that well.

The song would suit a chill night or a chill drive or something. Its nice, its relaxing, its cool. My only gripe is that it is a little repetitive. A modulation or change in texture after the stereo guitars come in would make the track work really well because you gotta sometimes take stuff out and put it back in again to really make the listener go 'Wow, shit that was awesome'. The guitars coming in was a wow moment, but them staying there doing essentially the same thing in the same key lessens their effect. Play around with textures and recycle material, you will find that when your cool bit comes in then itll be 10x as powerful as it is when it carries on. You gotta have supporting sections to make the cool sections shine.

Great song there man, you should be proud.

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@chordmonkey96 Thank you! I'm still pretty new to the recording and producing scene, so I'm trying to get enough material together to release an EP or something.

@TommyGunUK I appreciate your thoughtfulness and glad you enjoyed the tune. I think your point with the variation is really good. You're totally right, it can get repetitive. I tried to vary with the type of guitars but mainly the vocals but of course, it could always be better.

Thank you both for your comments, I really appreciate them.
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Pretty good stuff. The initial guitar is a little dry, it could use a little more fullness in its tone, perhaps some more reverb or something. The song does build a bit when the strummed guitars come in, but I feel like it could build even more. I don't know if you don't have an electric or something, but some electric riffs would definitely add some layering to the sound and take away from the repetitiveness others were talking about. Overall though, its very well put together, and managed to keep me listening for 7 minutes.

this is imo, as in you can tell me I'm wrong

-for vocals practice a tiny bit more pronunciation, the ends of your phrases are nice the beginnings need a tiny bit more impact imo, just like 10% more.

-the timing is off just a tiny bit on some of the transitions, give them a second more to transfer. Around 1:35 it kind of jumps in at an odd time and takes away some of the impact

-nice harmonies, is it all you singing?

Your harmonies are seriously on point and I liked the guitar tone, get the timings on the transitions a little more and get that voice out there a little more and it's a tip top song. Your voice is very nice you need to give it solidity, pronunciation and confidence at certain points. I think timing and vocals vastly trump getting a super perfect guitar tone, if you're singing an emotional song like this we want to know what you're singing about.

If I were you I'd trim the length down, it's seriously a good song and if you work on it a bit more it could be frikin amazing. It's like 85% of the way done and needs a few finishing touches
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Yeah, I really wanted to add some electric riffs over this. I feel like there were some really good spots. Unfortunately, I don't have an electric so the best I could do was record through the pick up on my acoustic.

As far as the vocals go, yes they were all me. I appreciate the input about pronunciation because I've never had any formal vocal training so I don't think about things like that. I'll keep that all in mind for my next project, I don't really feel like working on this any more. It's been fun, but its a lot of work.