Trying to come up with a way to use both channels on an amp in the effects mix in order to take advantage of the amps gain rather than using a pedal. So, is it possible to include amp channel switching into a midi controller patch with the other effects for that loop?
I think it depends on the amp OR on the controller you're using.

I have some older tube preamps that would accept MIDI commands for a lot of their functions ('90's).
The amps I have my eye on are the Marshall DSL 40 or the new Peavey valveking. I guess I'd wonder if the same thing could be done switching between two different amps via midi.
Midi is a method of sending control commands between midi equipment. If the amp doesn't have midi in/out you can't talk to it. You could use an aby switching pedal or a multiple loop switching pedal or a programmable loop switching pedal. The latter also often have midi control if your amps have that facility.

Amps frequently have facility for foot switching channels. Some multiple loop pedals also include this switch as do some of the programmable pedals.
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So you want to activate the effects loop and channel switch at the same time?

The new Valveking and Dsl40 don't have midi so no, you can't do that.
I think trying to use midi to solve this problem is probably not going to fit your price point in amps if I'm going to be honest.

You'd need a midi switching rig as well as an interface to interact with it and a DAW to program the changes.
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You just need a channel switching relay in the pedal switcher to control the amp channel. Maybe make a cable depending on the amp.
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