I was wondering if anyone knew how to use the Boss ME-80 to set a patch that tunes the guitar down to Eb. I've been going through the documentation but haven't been able to figure it out. I'm in a band that plays mostly in standard tuning but have several songs tuned down a half step and was hoping to create patches that would do this for those songs. Any advice you have would be appreciated.
While there are a lot of down tune effects that seem very nice, there always seems to be tracking issues to a certain degree. The Digitech Drop has nice reviews, but the only guitarists I've seen that can really pull it off in the way you are talking about are using a Line 6 Variax. I don't have any experience with the ME-80 so someone else might be able to help you out, but one of the main bands I know of that does this (they even change tunings in the middle of songs) is Twelve Foot Ninja, and they do it with a Variax.
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