Love the parts, it's a really dynamic and catchy song, keeps your interest for sure.

My only complaint would be how the clean bass-lead sits in the mix, but I know how obnoxious bass is to mix. The thick lead tones are killer though. Solo is sweet as well
Thanks for the feedback!

Do you think the bass and/or solo are to low in the mix?
I'm really just referring to the parts where the bass is dominant; it seems like it's eating up too much of the soundscape EQ wise so it comes through a little awkward sounding. I'm not a producer by any means but I feel like if you boosted a specific frequency range you could turn the volume down and have it still stick out without cutting into the guitar.
Yeah, I know what you mean. I'm not sure what frequency either. I'm going to modify the mix some more soon.
Pretty interesting composition. I loved the tone of the bass just cause it was different and gave it a very unique feeling in the intro. My one complaint is that it needs to be just a little tighter in terms of playing.

It could also use a little more texture in my opinion. Another guitar with some leads or effects on it might add nicely.

Hope that helps!