Hey everyone. I've got an EVH Wolfgang USA Custom, that comes with a Floyd Rose, and that nifty little D-tuna that lets you go to drop d and back to standard in a flash. When I got it from the store, it worked perfectly. I usually never even had to use the fine tuner on the bridge itself, but it came time to restring it recently. I believe the store used .9's, and I replaced the strings 1 at a time, also with .9's. I tuned it with the d-tuna in the open position (drop d) as instructed on some sites. When I push the d-tuna in (standard) it is about semi-tone low. So I have to use the fine tuner and tighten it all the way, and even worse, now the low e gets so tight that the bridge hits the wood and it can't even get all the way to E. So I loosened the springs but now it's still a bit wonky when using the D-tuna. Anyone have any tips? Thank you!
i forgot how to do it, but i never cared for the d-tuna on my wolfgang. i took it off. overrated piece of junk IMO.

this is a decent (not great though) youtube demo on it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNHEudK9mI0
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Ah! Thanks so much. It's that stupid tiny allen wrench area that was getting me. Never even noticed that slot. I actually love the d-tuna since my band goes from E to drop tunings all the time, and I use the drop pedal to go all the way down to drop c