Hello, I play a strat with lace sensors and the Eric Clapton mid boost kit in it and I'm looking for a 15ish watt amp that I can get good cleans and drive using only the mid boost. I currently play the new Fender 7 watt Bassbreaker which is too small for me and has a little too much drive for a good clean tone. I was going to try the 15 watt Bassbreaker because I really like the amp but I guess it has a production delay so I can't get it for at least a month.

I'm looking at the Fender Blues Junior which seems good but I've heard you can't get good cleans without mic-ing it and I figure I probably won't be able to since the mid boost already drives it a little bit even with it off. And it also doesn't have an extension cab option which I'd like to have in case I need more volume.

So like I said I'm looking for an amp around 15 watts (preferably single channel) that I can get good clean tones and good drive only using the mid boost and no pedals for blues. I really like Clapton's tone right now (especially at the Cream reunion from 2005). If anyone has any suggestions, I'd really appreciate it. I'd like to keep it under $1000 ($600-$800 ideally).

If you want your amp to be able to keep up with a drummer and stay clean, you may want more than 15 watts. I think the Blues Jr. is still quite loud and should be able to keep up at small gigs. But for safe headroom, 30 watts is good.

With your budget you can get a HRD, 40 watts. If you go used you can get some really solid amps for that price with plenty of headroom.
Peavey Classic 30. really good clean channel and the dirt channel does good blues rock style tones. will keep up with a drummer no problem.
Fender HRDs pop up left and right on Craigslist in my area for under <350$. Would give you all the clean headroom that you want but i think the using an OD pedal sounds better than the amps drive channel.
used custom vibrolux reissue, supersonic 60 combo, prosonic combo. should all be under budget and between 35 and 60 watts.

a couple of those have great bluesy drive channels too.

carvin nomad and belair's are worth a look too.

so is the tweaker 88.

and traynor ycv40 or ycv50 amps. the 50 is more marshally than fendery.
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I'll second the Carvin Nomad or Belair.

Personally, I think waiting around for a higher-wattage Bluesbreaker is probably a better plan than a HRD. I own a HRD, and am awaiting the restocking of the 45w Bassbreaker myself. The HRD's drive channel is definitely subpar.

You might also want to check out a small Vox or Supro.

And I know you said no pedals, but I think this is worth considering:
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Carvin VT16 would be a good one , selectable 5 or 16 watt , very affordable new ..... carvin nomad and Belair are nice too but 50 watts and no master volume (the bigger brothers to the VT16)

Peavey Classic 30 , nice amp below budget easy to get used 300.00 to 350.00 for brand new looking nice used unit

high end wise your budget is real close to a used Mesa Lone Star Classic 30 watts max with channel selectable wattage , .... I would love to have the big brother called the Lonestar with 100 watts
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With all of the call outs for a Peavey Classic 30, what about it's close cousin the Delta Blues?
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Quote by metalmingee
With all of the call outs for a Peavey Classic 30, what about it's close cousin the Delta Blues?

it's essentially the same amp with tremolo and different speaker combinations. 2x10 or 1x15.

just a bigger classic 30 with tremolo. nice amps, i had a 2x10 for a while. they go cheap, $300-350 isn't uncommon.

that said, i'd go with one of the fenders i mentioned. or even a used 63 vibroverb RI which can be had just under or around $1000 used.

at least for what you want to do, there's tons of options.
I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.
1974x clone (18w). i absolutely love the one i built. very sensitive to rolling back the volume on the guitar, and you can really get it to sing when you turn it up.
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