That's not a floyd. That's an Ibanez bridge of some form...I've never seen one doing that but someone will probably answer you soon.
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Yes, and people still got polio and you had to crank your car up by hand and put whale oil in the lamps every night.

Things are better now.

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Style is in the hands. Taste is in the hands. But tone? Tone is in the gear.
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It looks like just the shaft in the bearing arm snapped. You can get a new one here: http://www.ibanezrules.com/parts.htm#Trem_Parts

The part is called "ZR Bearing Arms." If you're using chrome press ctrl+F and search it.

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Thanks for the help guys, sucks though it cant get repaired. i live in a different country so a package as small as that is a bit of a pain in the ass.