Hey, I wanted to get tube amp to replace my Orange Micro terror. The thing is that I have a couple of choices in mind and I need to decide which will be better overall. The options so far a Vox AC30 or a Laney Ironheart.

Now, I know these are two very different amps, the thing is I love the tone of the Vox for the cleans and the crunchy distortion it can get but I also play music that requires higher gain (think may Alter Bridge) and also Vai, Satch type tones. Could the AC30 get there with a boost?

On the other hand the Ironheart is a lot more versatile with it's three channels and could get me all of the tones I may require, although some of it may not be as nice as the AC30.

I live in Uruguay so options are limited, for instance Mesa is not an option here. I can find some Marshalls, Blackstar, Laney, Fender and not much more. Budget is preferably under 1500 usd, but it's not too strict.

The amp would be used for gigging and recording. My current gear: Godin Freeway Floyd, Fender Telecaster MIM, Schecter Diamond Series C7, Orange Micro Terror, 2x12 cab with V30s, Boss GT100, Zvex Fuzz Factory and Crybaby Wah

^ That sounds about right. I have not tried it myself, though. Amptweaker's stuff might be good too. I use a DOD Boneshaker with my AC30C2 to get Marshall-esque/tight distortion tones, and it works fairly well.

But if your primary focus is tight distortion tones, VOX is not my suggestion.
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okay, I'll check it out

The EVH 5150III overdrive pedal would definitely be worth checking out too.