Hi guys, my band Archers recorded our second single the other day and we're looking for feedback.

The song is entitled Pawn, and is mostly rock with some elements of Emo and Pop Punk in there.

It's also a 'Pay What You Want' download, so feel free to throw in a $0 in there if you like it...

I play one of the leads in the verses and the lead in the chorus as well as sing backups in this one...(I stand out the most as the response part in the bridge)


Thanks! Yeah, we recorded three guitars in the chorus and bridge so it gets a little washed out but there are other times where it stands out a little more...we also don't have an actual bassist at the moment so either one of us guitarists or a studio guy will record it. Not the ideal way to go into the studio but we've been able to work with it, fortunately.