I want to get a delay pedal, but I know very little about them.
I'd be using it mainly for melodic metal leads.
Just want a good simple delay pedal. Price doesn't really matter.
You probably want to decide between analog or digital before narrowing down some choices. YouTube has good comparison videos between the two. Analog generally has shorter delay times, and a warmer repeat. Digital delays usually have more features, long delay times, pristine repeats.
Mxr Carbon copy and Ehx memory man/ boy are decent places to start looking at analog
Tc electronic makes a pretty cool small digital delay, boss dd3/6/7 have all the basic digital delay features.

If money's no object you could cover a lot of delays with a strymon
If you are looking at analog, the malekko 616 is WAY better than the carbon copy, they are similar prices both new and used. Malekko not only produces a better quality unit, but also are more tweakable and the modulation is more flexible as well.

I am not a huge digital delay kind of guy, but I have heard good things about catalinbred's digital delay. Its on my list anyways.
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I only look them up on Youtube and it sounds work for dance/techno/electronic music on the electric guitar at some points. It have been a long time since I checked them out for the first time, so I'll do the research whenever I get the chance.
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The Vapor Trail Analog Delay is has nice echos that sit in a mix well, and a separate jack where you can send just the delays only.
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I have a Boss DD-3 and i think it is pretty sick to be honest, good range of options, nice sounds, it isn't true bypass but I have found more tone loss from shit cables than having a few buffered effects pedals.

Boss are rugged as well, you could build a cathedral out of these things.
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I think enalsisiht provided a good overview. For what you describe you are looking for, I really like the MXR Carbon Copy and the Way Huge Aqua Puss (or the Supa Puss if you are willing to spend a little more). Although the Malekko is a fine delay, I just like the sound better of the others.

For versatility, it is hard to beat the Boss DD-7 or the TC Electronics Flashback. Really depends what you are looking for.
The DM-2 Waza is quite nice
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Another fan of the TC Electronics Flashback. Tone prints gives you access to almost any delay you might desire along with the ability to tweek a vast array of parameters should you desire. It also includes magic which will set the delay time to the tempo you strum. It is digital but also maintains the original dry anolog signal.
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Normally i prefer digital for higher gain- just seems a bit clearer and crisper. also some analogue delays don't like to be in fx loops (which you often want for high gain with a delay) so that's another consideration.

any of the boss or digitech ones should work well without spending too much.
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OP, what kind of delay are you going for?

I have two analog delays in my real-life signal chain; an MXR Carbon Copy, and an old Arion stereo delay pedal (called the SAD-1).

The MXR is my main delay, especially for high-gain lead tones. It's capable of quite long delay times (for an analog pedal), and while it isn't a completely transparent sounding pedal, I actually enjoy that. With it engaged, it rolls a little bit of top end off of the overall sound, making a lead tone that would otherwise get a little harsh to the ears quite musical. It just seems to roll off the RIGHT frequencies. There's also a small button on the face of it that can turn on or off a modulation circuit, that you can control from inside, and I usually have it turned on and set for a smalllllllll chorusing effect. Less noticeable as a chorus when part of a mix, but it helps beef the sound up a little bit.
TL;DR: Long delay times (for analog), true bypass treble rolloff that may or may not be useful to your sound, cool modulation effect built in that you can switch on and off.

The SAD is a totally different animal. Its longest delay is about the same as the halfway point on the MXR, and it's totally transparent, doesn't have the same rolloff that the MXR has. This makes it pretty good for faster lead stuff that I might do, where note and pick attack clarity are extremely important, and where drenching the tone in delay and treble rolloff would be counter-productive. It can also make a pretty good slapback delay when set right. For a clean passage, or a more technical solo or lead part, this is it.
TL;DR: Much shorter delay times, but ridiculously more transparent than the Carbon Copy. Good for cleans, or for a solo tone when you don't want to kill that treble. Can be had for 100 bucks or less on Ebay, and you get to say you have 80's gear.

Or, you can go digital. Any digital delay worth its salt will have a tap-temp function build in, and some will even model different kinds of analog delays. The BOSS DD series has a lot of cool features. The guitarist in my old metal band had a DD-20 that he loved, and I think there's even one solo of his recorded where he's actively changing the delay time with the tap-tempo function while playing a tapping lick in the solo. Made for some crazy spaceship sounds.

Then there's the Flashback from TC, and it has a feature I think should be on every single delay pedal on the market; trails. Say you're playing a solo, and have to go back to a rhythm part very suddenly. Most delay pedals, when you turn them off, the effect goes away too. With the Flashback, you can set it so that it will finish the repeats of what you were playing before you turned off the pedal, which gets rid of the jarring effect of suddenly having no delay when it felt like it should trail on for a few more seconds. I've been thinking of getting one of these, and even if it didn't have the Toneprint thing that TC Electronic does, I'd still buy the pedal just for the trails.
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