Alright, so this past September I bought a ESP LTD-EC 1000 (used). I noticed this issue from the start, but I never really addressed it until now.

Whenever I turn down the volume for either pickup, it seems that the volume doesn't turn down moreso the (distortion?) does, as well as a static sound coming through the amp as it is turned. Once the knob is fully turned down, the guitar just makes a very quiet clean sound from my amp. However if the knob is about halfway down, it seems that a bit of the distortion is taken away (not too much, but a little noticeable).

Given I haven't played guitar long I'm not exactly sure if this is intended or if my knobs have issues, but I would appreciate some insight.
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Remember that the volume knob on your guitar is controlling the output being sent to your amps input. That's kind of what something like a DiMarzio Super Distortion pickups on a guitar are all about. It's a pickup with a hotter output that overdrives you amps input signal. It's not everyone's choice (it's not mine) but when I am playing classic rock I actually appreciate it when I can get my guitar to point where I have the type of control you describe.
Yes I am guitarded also, nice to meet you.
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Yea the volume on the guitar effecting the distortion is normal, as rickholly explained.

"as well as a static sound coming through the amp as it is turned"
This probably means that the pots (potentiometers) are dirty and dust or whatever is causing a scratchy sound when you turn the knob. You can spray some electrical contact cleaner in the pots and turn the knob back and forth to clean them out.

if you have a radioshack or electrical type store nearby stop in and pick up a can of this stuff


De-oxit also makes some, or just look for anything that says electrical contact cleaner and lubricant

then open up your guitar so you can see the wiring, find the pots, and for each one stick the straw in the little hole in the back, give it a little squirt, move the pot back and forth across the whole range of motion a few times. ta-da! If it's still scratchy sounding try it again a couple of times.
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