hello guys!

i hope i'm at the right place. i have played modeling stuff for years and want to change to a decent tube amp setup. but as i am quite unexperienced to this matter, i would need advice from you pros out there.

What i want to achieve is a setup with 4 different gain stages:
-bluesy overdriven
-mid gain rock
-and a little more gain for solos.

i'm pretty unfamiliar with pedals but i watched hundreds of videos on youtube and looked things up on the internet so i was thinking about getting a decent 2 channel tube amp and and adding something like a blues driver to the clean channel for the bluesy overdriven tone and another overdrive/distortion pedal to the gain channel (whicht is set to mid gain rock) to achieve a lead sound.

Would that be good solution? and which gear would you recommend to achieve that?

by the way, i was looking into the low wattage tube amps. a good recording out and power soak would be a very nice. So far the Egnater Rebel or the Laney L5 would have all those features. but i don't know if they sound any good!

I would be glad for any advice you guys could give me!!!