Hey Man!

I listened to your track and it just sounds freaking cool! There was not anything I would like to change or mix differently. Maybe make the intro a few bars longer? But I can totally see your structure working just fine.

The lyrics are cool and heartfelt, the harmonies are spot-on and are used profeciently. Hell, I'd kill to have a voice like yours.

Keep it up!

P.S. You were the only one to realize what the outro to my song was supposed to be like but I ran out of my studio money and failed to mix the track properly.
Dude I can't believe this. Your track is studio quality and it just exudes awesomeness but few people comment on it or listen to it. What da fuck?
Haha thanks buddy I appreciate ur kind words. I have enjoyed ur tunes aswell it's nice to see some fellow UGers making good tunes.