Help, I have got an ac30 but that is way to big to take to school, holidays etc... does anyone of any good practice amps that are light and small but still pack a punch under $70/£60? I was looking at the fender champion 20 and frontman 10, but I don't want to be too close minded at just fender products.


that is a tight budget but if you could spend a little more money like on a Roland Micro Cube would be the way to go, small, compact, sounds good, and loud. Cheers! Fender products are great btw Iv owned 3 amps from them and still use a 212 from them as my main amp.
save a little more and grab the vox ac4v used.
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+1 on Roland Micro Cube.. original is cheaper since they release the new Micro Cube GX (has USB). Epiphone Valve Jr combo 5watt tube amp is nice but some are asking too much for it. $100 is ok.
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The Yamaha THR10/C/X (and smaller THR5) are awesome amps! If you find one used in good condition, fall within your budget, grab it!
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how loud do you need it to be?
do you NEED one with a battery option?
what type of sound are you going for?
are you fine going used?

if you don't need to be heard, a korg pandora would be hard to beat.

if you need just a little bit of volume, you could pair the pandora with a smaller monitor, it would probably not weigh more than the options.

good luck!