I`m newish to guitar recording. I just make instrumentals at the moment while I practice vocals. I found that when I dual pan 2 guitars at 100% L and R and 2 more at 80% L and R and then I put on guitar right up the center that it makes a huge and full sound. Has anyone else done this method by putting a single up the middle? Will this interfere with the vocals when I finally get around to putting them in? Thanks
Not very common at all, but has been done. It can interfere with vocals for sure, but with vocals, you are taking some of the stereo spread and focusing the listener into the center subconsciously.

Try adding a bus (or Aux, as it may be known as in your DAW) with a short, dark delay into it, and feed your guitars into it. This can help add some space and depth to hard panned guitars. Pan and adjust as required. This may mitigate the need for the mono center guitar track.
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Seems a little excessive- im usually pretty satisfied with one left and one right and letting the bass guitar and drums use the rest of the space; sounds cool though
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You can do it, but you're making more work than you need to once you add bass and vocals. Bass should give you a huge wall of sound.
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