and at first he was just kind of a grey beanie. in fact i do not remember how i got it. i just grew very fond of that beanie. it had a lovely grey color and was made of a really nice fabric. idk i started wearing it a lot and if i wasn't wearing it i had him stuffed in my back pocket, sticking out a little.

eventually i started getting known for wearing or having grey beanie. so i kind of ran with it. keep in mind this is late highschool/early college. i started making the joke about how beanie was a superhero or a mystical being who saves nations and people and the whole world. he leaves my possession every now and again to do stuff, but really when he left i had just lost him.

i had lost him multiple times because it is sometimes hard to keep up with that beanie. i would always find him sooner or later, though. my gf at the time got me a scarf that was made of the exact same material and the exact same color as the beanie. so i looked as fly and dapper as your dad when he asked your mom out.



but beanie has been gone for over a year...



maybe one day he will return. i'll clean my room and there he will be, returned from another adventure, from stopping peril. and maybe he will not return at all. maybe he is with another kid, who needs beanie more than i did. maybe he is a complex projection of who i am, who i want to be, something more than just a beanie, something where i have grown from having experienced. maybe i can attribute where i am now to what beanie did for me.

yeah i had an imaginary friend at 18 so what
i still have the scarf
and i keep gloves or another beanie in my back pocket all the time
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yope: the early years
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No one can really fuck with the power of empathy.
ps where the fuck's my sweatshirt ps where the fuck's my sweatshirt ps where the fuck's my sweatshirt

I have two sock hats. One I got in New York and the other my brother gave me. The New York one is cool looking but not high quality. My brothers will keep your head warm
i actually think the personification happened when the beanie had accidentally dropped out of my pocket and i said "beanie what are you doing on the ground" and the gf at the time though it was humorous so i went with it.
I also became known for wearing a beanie in high school, to the point where even the teachers wouldn't make me take it off in class because they knew it was just my 'thing'. I haven't worn a beanie for a while, but maybe I should start again. It is pretty cold.
I don't like beanies because they make my hair gross. I also think they would look better if my hair was less voluminous.

I have one that I get a lot of compliments on though (it's bluish-gray faux fur) so I wear it the day before I wash my hair. The first compliment I got on it was from a TSA agent and I was a bit suspicious of whether it was a real compliment because he asked me to take it off to search my hair. But other people have said it looks good since then so now I believe in my beanie
HxC feels in here.

Doesn't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got til it's gone?

But hey, don't mourn the loss when you can remember the good times.