So when I got my Mini Recifier it was my first amp with an effects loop, i tried putting my Delay and reverb in their but their was a loud hissing noise, so I just put it in the front. But I've read that using the same power supply can cause this. Am using a 1 spot for the reverb and a separate supply for the delay (DL4) I wondered is it safe if I keep the amp on , but plug cables in and out of the Effects loop to experiment?

I'd power it off or at least put it in standby. Off is safest.

Could also be the cables you are using. The FX loop is a very sensitive part of the amp.

Did you read the manual by chance? The manual for my Roadster has a lengthy discussion about the loop and where in the amp it really goes.

Also, what are the pedals?

My Roadster doesn't like my MXR Black Label Chorus in the loop - noticeable tone suck - but it does fine up front.
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I don't see unplugging stuff from the effects loop while it's on hurting anything. I won't say that it definitively won't, because I don't know, but I've never worried about it and had no problems.
So I tried putting the delay and reverb into the effects loop. The clean channel sounded fine but the drive
Also I like the sound better in the front.
I never had any luck with the 1 spot power supply I bought 2 of them, both were noisey and crapped out after a few months (one lasted abot 6 or 7 mo.), got the replacements through the warranty and the same result for those, for $19.99 I guess you cant expect much, my brother had one die in about 1 1/2 months. The thing is neither my brother or myself were gigging with these we were both just using them in stationary applications in home studio and with less than 6 pedals.

I ended up buying a used SKB powered board and have no problems with noise.
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