I'm a new member in need of guidance. I'm returning to the guitar after a long hiatus. Playing "traditionally" is now painful due to severe arthritis in my left shoulder and hand. Playing left handed or playing with a "lap tapping" style seem possible since I'm re-learning anyway.

I'd prefer to re-learn the fundamentals using standard tuning before switching to open tuning. My spouse would prefer I use one of the right-handed guitars I already have (I could work out a trade -- for the spouse, I'm attached to the guitars.)

Does anybody have any helpful advice to share? (Suggesting I play with my toes wouldn't be helpful.) Thanks.
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would playing a shorter scale guitar, maybe positioned to bring your hand closer to your body alleviate the pain or is it just no-go playing that way at all now ?

Great thought, a small guitar helps but isn't enough. I've tried 3/4s,"parlor" and my sons guitar.

BTW, I have a Córdoba Mini M for travel. Probably smaller than what you had in mind. It's better on the shoulder, worse everywhere else. I mention it only to give a plug - the Mini M is awesome!

Thanks for the response.
Yes, great clip. Very inspirational. Any tips on how he did it, besides being extraordinarily gifted, will be helpful. Off to do some research. Thanks!