Hi everyone! I'm not sure if this is the most appropriate spot for this post, because I'm not sure if the answer is a pedal, a swapping of pickups, etc. So I apologize if this should be somewhere else.

My two main guitars are an Epiphone Les Paul with P-90's and a Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar with Duncan-designed (basically cheaper Seymour-Duncan) pickups.

Both guitars are rockin', both are loud as hell, and both have their own unique tonal flavor.

Truth be told though, the p-90's in the lp are in a different circle of hell than the duncan-designed in the jag. They are a tad louder. I can hear a significant volume-drop/raise when switching between the two guitars in practice/at shows.

Have you guys ever experienced an issue like this? How can I get my two volume signals to more closely match each other? I'd rather the Jaguar's volume be elevated up to the Les Paul if possible. However, I am open to anything.

Engage clean boost for the lower output guitar and normalize your levels at sound check.

Every guitar I own seems to be at a different output level. I avoid changing guitars a lot between songs but just adjust my boost pedal to taste on the fly. I can even bump the chicken head knob on my OCD pedal with my foot to bring things up or down a bit.
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Is there a specific clean boost you would recommend? I'm assuming you're talking about a clean boost pedal?
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Is there a specific clean boost you would recommend? I'm assuming you're talking about a clean boost pedal?

OCD, TS9, Bad Monkey do the job well.
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Don't both guitars have volume controls?
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Adjust pickup height?
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If you put on a clean boost like a TS9 or Timmy (an overdrive, really) you may never want to turn it off...

I would check the pickup height of both to see if you can adjust the output of one of them to even it out. Also use a volume knob on a pedal or amp if you can.
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OCD, TS9, Bad Monkey do the job well.

Those are great pedals, but they are not clean boosts, they're coloured drive pedals that will alter the tone significantly even on a low gain setting.

Xotic RC Booster is an example of a clean boost which will not alter the tone if used on a low gain setting.

All of that being said, the smartest move would be to simply raise/reduce the volume dial on the amp a little when switching guitars, there's no need for a pedal here really.