I want to get a trem for my dean ml but I dont want to pay a ton of money routing the guitar. Would I have to rout it for the Kahler and if not which would be better, the FRX or a Kahler? And for the FRX, would it even fit on my guitar?
The Kahler requires a rout.
The Kahler would be a far better choice than the FRX.
I'm not sure that the FRX would fit, it's designed for TOM type bridge setups.
I think you'll be better off buying a guitar with a trem on it already. You'll spend less money and have far less troubles in the long run.
The problem is I really like this guitar and really want a good trem on it. Like not trying to sound stubborn but im just trying to improve this guitar to what I want, not go buy another.
Even the cheapest "X-trem" model.
Forget Floyd.
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well the kahler will not work for you if you do not want to do any routing. it looks like they work with out routing but if you read the installation instructions it says you will need to do, ill quote them here "Top routing only, NO REAR ROUTING"

check the 2nd page clearly shows routing is required

good thing i read this myself im looking for the trem bridge for a string through TOM and was considering this lol.

the only company that i can see that offers a stud mounted trem bridge is schaller


sadly for me i need a 7 string model :/ which doesnt exsist
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