Hi all,
So George Clark's screams are cool in my opinion. I've been reading and watching a lot of videos on black metal screaming, and it seems like the consensus is that 1. If done properly it does not kill your voice 2. Practice starts with a growl-y sort of sigh (just letting air make your chords do it naturally) then raising the pitch until your false chords and clean vocals start to collide.
This is the tutorial: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=stHvPsSbvqo
According to this guy, after adding diaphragm power to that raised-pitch-sigh, it starts to sound less stupid.

Now here are my questions/comments
1. Where should I feel the power/vibration?
2. I tried it today, and I only killed my throat
3. What Volume are guys like this operating at? I can fry scream louder than my speaking voice and it sounds darn good, but it's a quiet technique, quite different than something like George Clark's (which are so high they could be categorized as shrieks?)

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Does anyone know if the growling thread goes into any more depth about Black metal shrieks other than the first page?
There's only so many ways to create distortion. The rest is pitch and where you place the sound. Ask in the growling thread and see what you get but what the guy in the clip is doing is a false cord growl.
1. Where should I feel the power/vibration? Depends totally on what you are trying to do. For a shriek, I am assuming you are pitching high up into the head.
2. I tried it today, and I only killed my throat: Its false cord, that's going to happen for a while until you actually engage the false cords. After that, it will take some time to be able to pitch them to do what you want to do. Start with something more mid range like a dog bark sort of sound.
3. What Volume are guys like this operating at? Volume doesn't matter a hill of beans, but my false cords are usually quite loud. Not yelling 100 yards loud, but much louder than any screaming I do. But when I want a focused, meatier sound with the False cords, its not loud at all because I'm pulling all of the crap frequencies out and just focusing on the aggressive, lower growl.

Best of luck!
Thank you very much! This answered many of my questions. But I do believe I am familiar with engaging my false chords with high in the head placement due to fry screams. Is this a different thing that I am relating to something that it can't be impaired to?
Okay so yesterday I did exactly what was instructed from the video and per your explanation in the growling thread. I was able to get very high as well as move my pitch around as I wished. Was even able to add that falsetto-like, high sharp frequency. However, there wasn't a lot of distortion. It sounded like a high Jesse Lacey scream. Definitely not metal and lacked the distortion. Does this distortion come with time? I'm fine with waiting for it to grow, but I just need to confirm
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Okay let me fiddle around with some stuff. I'll try to get a clip up sometime over the weekend

EDIT: Here it is. Recorded on phone lol.

I've been having a bit of trouble with my range since yesterday. Harder for me to reach high notes and get that sharp edge with the scream. Thoughts??
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That sounds like its on the right track. I've been told that black metal vocals are pretty much never good for your voice. I've never confirmed that by developing it. I would be very aware of my range as you practice the next few times. If you continually lose notes then you are either A)not doing it right or B)doing it right and it just is hurting your voice because it wasn't designed for that. Only you can really know unfortunately.

False cord screaming can also make you hoarse just by itself, even if you do it right. Alot of the big time guys still say they are rough after shows. Its just kind of the nature of the beast.

best of luck!