Ok guys so I am looking for a left handed acoustic for less than 500$. I preferred a full solid guitar but Masterbilts are out of my range. After much deliberation I'm between the Epiphone inspired by 1964 Texan (429&euro and the Breedlove Discovery Dreadnought (329&euro.

Regarding the Breedlove, why is the Dreadnought version $100 cheaper than the Concert one in the Thomann website? Anyone knows? They both have the same specs with the only difference being in the shape, but I've read an insurmountable amount of positive reviews specifically about the Concert version. However, the LH version is not available on Thomann. Obviously, if it's not possible to flip it over my only option will be the Texan, which also has solid both top & back (with laminated sides) compared to the Breedlove which only has a solid top. So is it possible to easily restring this guitar to make it left handed?
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So is it possible to easily restring this guitar to make it left handed?
NO! I'm a lefty, I've done it and I can tell you it's a disaster. Stringing backwards screws up the guitars intonation to the point where it won't be much good past the 4th fret. The pick guard, (if present), will be on top, and the top nut should be replaced, but some success can be had be re-grooving. it.

The newest Epiphones are nicely made by, (AFAIK), Samick in Indonesia. QA on the "more expensive models", (like the Texan), is excellent.

The Texan gets glowing reviews in its own right. If it feels and sounds good to you, you're not settling, it's a nice guitar.

Lefties always have "supply issues". That is unless, you're going for a high end guitar. Martin & Taylor offer LH at "no extra cost", but they're out of your budget. (Mine too, BTW).

I really can't speak to the Breedlove in question, or Thomann's stocking policies. I'm guessing they stock what moves fastest, and the Epis likely outsell Breedloves by a goodly margin.
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^ I'd think the bridge saddle would also have to be replaced.

Breedlove's have a good reputation. I tried a few out in store but my personal preference was the Taylor GS mini (not full solid mind you, but it just felt nicer to play and had a big sound for it's size). The Breedlove was certainly nice though and they are good looking guitars too.

Have to say I also really liked the LAG acoustics. Very affordable too, and I think they do left hand versions. Not sure if they are full solid mind you.
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^ I'd think the bridge saddle would also have to be replaced.
If the guitar had a "simple", (uncompensated) saddle then no, it wouldn't.

But many modern acoustics do have that offset to intonate the B-2 string, and yes you're right, if present, that would require replacement.

However, the bridge slot running the wrong way (*), would likely negate any improvement from replacing the saddle.

(*) The longest strings would now be the trebles. I'm going to speculate, that with the accuracy of today's electronic tuners, you could probably annoy yourself visually as well as aurally with a flipped over guitar.
I will tell you this... I recently purchased two Breedlove guitars, a Pursuit, and then a Solo. The bodies on these guitars were nice. The necks, fretboards, and fret levels were terrible. I tried calling for days and never got through to service dept. I left messages and never got a call back. I sent emails, etc..Nothing. Epiphone is building some of the best guitars on the market right now with their tribute plus Les Pauls and their Masterbuilt acoustics. I hate that I fell for the Breedlove guitars. Luckily I have my receipt so this one is going back tomorrow and for the same exact price I paid for this Solo which has laminated sides and back and fret problems, and saddle problems, I get the EF500 CCE which is a solid body guitar with all the bells and whistles, Binding everywhere, AND it is a Masterbuilt which means it has two pickups and it also has a CEDAR top. So yeah, forget about Breedlove and go with Epiphone all day every day. At least thats my opinion. I`m a 24+ year pro guitarist and a 16+ year Luthier