Poll: What is your preferred guitar type for playing 30's Delta Blues?
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View poll results: What is your preferred guitar type for playing 30's Delta Blues?
Period correct ancient parlor or equivalent?
3 43%
Modern guitar?
0 0%
Modern replica of an old guitar?
0 0%
Ladder braced?
0 0%
X braced?
0 0%
2 29%
"F**k it, whatever I got is what I got"
2 29%
Voters: 7.
For those who like early delta blues, how important is it to achieve a "period correct" sound -instrument wise?

I admit right off that I'm a total snob. I own a mid 30's parlor and feel that it's sound and tone help me recreate a "vintage" voice. It's lack of fidelity and barky ladder braced timbre (to my ears) best replicates the music that I hear in the old recordings. I do realize that a guitar is the sum of what you do with it and everybody has their own preferences, so hence the poll.

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I mean, in general I like my music to sound like just that, "my music". I play on a dread, and that's where I get my sound and my tone from. Tthere was a thread in the Technique forum about making covers sound exactly like the original, and the general consensus was "If you're gonna sound exactly the same, why cover it at all?" And I feel like that applies here too. If you have your own sound and style, don't give it up just to use a period correct guitar. Now, if your sound and style lies in a period correct guitar then that's a different story, but I can't see myself shelling out the dough for an antique instrument just to sound like the old greats
after voting period correct, i'm not so sure. that john how parlor i played at westwood music sounded awfully sweet, and very good for delta blues, i'm thinking. your kalamazoo is awfully nice, too.

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I really like the sound of a good resonator for this type of playing. Nasty, growly....Seems perfectly suited.

I sold mine since I've drifted into fingerstyle jazz, but I still have my very nasty-sounding cigar-box resonator.
Run it through the little Honeytone amp and turn the gain up....