So i can play beginner and some intermediate stuff and have been wanting to get to music/guitar theory. Lately ive been reading and listening to desi serna. I got the pentatonic and major scales down, but i was wondering if someone knows or could make a guitar technique flowchart if progressions from beginner to experienced techniques. Such as major scale to modes and CAGED Thx!
I'd learn in roughly this order:

1) major/minor scales and triads
2) Tunes
3) dominant, diminished, and aug triads
4) Tunes
5) harmonic and melodic minor scales
6) Tunes
7) 7th chords (all qualities)
8) Tunes
9) Extended harmonies
10) Tunes
11) modes
12) Tunes

Now, these are pure conceptual things that apply to the instrument. There's a boatload of practical knowledge you need to actually use those concepts. And remember to learn rhythmic concepts, as well.

If it wasn't clear, it's imperative that you are always learning new music and keeping up on the stuff you already know. Real music is where you'll learn how to actually use these concepts.
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Unfortunately, that's not actually possible. Or at least it's not possible to make on that will be accurate for everyone. Different people learn different things at different rates. For example, My friend and I start playing guitar at about the same time, and have spent comparable amounts of time practicing, but he picked up economy picking much earlier than I did. Like, 2 years earlier. But to this day, he still struggles with alternate picking, which has always been my strong suit.
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