This I'm sure has been asked many times but the answers are always mixed.

I need definitive answers not speculation.
Absolute facts. :-)

I need to know the correct pots to use for
Volume and Tone? Do I use Audio or Linear?

I've been lead to believe

Linear is for Volume
Audio is for Tone
Is this correct?

Also I need to know if the Physical size of Gibson 57 classic humbucker is different in size or if the pole spacing is different between the Rhythm (Neck) pickup, and the Treble (Bridge) pickup of Gibson 57 classic humbuckers.

I have a Gibson SG Raw Power with uncovered 57 classic pickups in it. I'd like to put chrome covers on them and I'm reading all kinds of conflicting information. Some people are saying buy 2 neck pickup covers. Some are saying get a neck and a bridge cover? Why would Gibson make different covers for bridge and neck if they're both the same size and pole placement? Please can I get a definitive answer. Thank you .
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Audio (or logarithmic) pots roll off the signal in curved (well, in logarithmic) pattern. Linear pots roll off in a straight pattern. See image below if you're a visual person:

With Linear Pots, as you roll them down, they seem to "stop" working in application as you roll them down to a certain point point (usually 6/7 on the dial). On the other hand, Audio pots sound like they "work" for the entire spectrum of the turn.

This whole "linear cutting off" vs "audio being more usable" is due to human hearing working in a logarithmic fashion. So, using a component (Audio pot) that compliments our natural hearing spectrum will be a bit more versatile to the player.

I prefer an Audio pot for volume controls since it allows me to adjust it much more efficiently. This allows you turn down the volume a tad to clean up the signal just a bit.

For the tone, it depends on if you use it or not and personal preference. I personally use an Audio pot when wiring up my own guitars. If you have a tone control on your control guitars, yet you keep it all the way on 10, it wouldn't matter either way. Majority of people prefer to use Linear pots, though.

To answer your humbucker question: As far as I'm aware, all humbuckers are the same exact size in shape. The only exception to this are Seymour Duncan's Trembuckers being slightly longer. Pole pieces are also almost the exact same, but some companies (like DiMarzio) have a regular- and F- space pole placements.

I wouldn't really see the problem with buying to "neck" pickup covers for them. Then again, I never had an interest in putting covers on my pickups.

I hope I was helpful!
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