Very unusual riff but I dig it, It's a bit weird because the drums and bass have a more "metal" feel to them haha but it's cool. I thought the transition around 1:39 could be done better but it's a cool section nonetheless. I love the heavy part around 2:18, it's what I was expecting to be honest but I'm glad you kept it towards the end but it'd be cooler imo to lengthen it. The ending is beautiful great job man. You're playing is tight and the production quality is very high. Overall great job!

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Hey dude,

The beginning is very Plini. The tapping sounds alot like one of the tracks from Sweet Nothings haha. The mix is nice, the track is one of the nicer tracks Ive listened to from UG. My only crit is about making use of the space in your mix. You do it fairly well, but there are times where the track feels quite empty, and during the distorted bit the track has all the elements, but it still feels like something is missing, like it needs some extra warmth. You can do this by adding a clean rhythm track to just fill up space that is only just audible, and pan it so that it fills up whatever is the biggest left 'gap' in the mix, gap meaning space, so like if your rhythm is panned hard left and right, and your bass is at L30 and R30, then you would put the filler track at say L60 and R60. Something like that.

Otherwise, cool!

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1697255
very cool track I really dug it I love the beat. and your clean guitar tone. that opening riff definetly sucks you in I was hoping for more after that but I feel the song got complacent until it got heavy that solo had a nice feeling to it. overall 7.5/10 id rate it higher if it had just a little more dynamic to it. you obviously know what your doing keep up the good work interested hearing more from you
Awesome track man. Especially the drums. Groovy, but complex rhythms that fit perfectly with the song and blend very well with the heavier part at the end. Sounds like a more progressive version of post-rock bands like Joy Wants Eternity! Composition-wise, it's stellar. The mix is good, there are however, a couple of things I would work on:

I know it's a soft track, but your snare drum doesn't have enough presence, it even gets drowned by your kick drum. Maybe a slight high-mids boost but give it more definition. Especially when the distorted guitars come in. Also, since this track is harmonic more than melodic and is really led by those beautiful chords on the sidesvrather than a melody in the center, I think you could get those chords to take more space in the mix. I would just do that with an EQ at the mastering step to make the chords sound bigger.

All in all, amazing track, keep up the good work!
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This is a really pro sounding recording with a great guitar tone.
I quite enjoyed the locked in drum sounds and the tappy lead parts. Its great when it all comes together and kicks up at about 2:10. It sounds like you know what you are doing on the guitar, I would have liked to have heard a longer guitar solo.
But its a really cool ambient track that I think would be enjoyable to see played live.
Thanks for the critique of my track.
I don't know what kind of vocals you're looking for, but I'd be willing to give it a shot. Totally wanna scream all over that heavy part towards the end

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Complex rhythms. Impressive that you could play the guitar intro, but not sure how melodic it is. That one cymbal that gets hit a lot is loud for me (I wouldn't have them panned so far left & right). I like most of the cleanish guitar riffs, though some riffs are a bit discordant for me. Some nice lead guitar. Interesting tune. Please review my music at this link:

Goddamn,I absolutely love the tapping riff! The track's nicely produced. I personally would have added some layers,though. The track feels a bit empty in some parts... But a really nice song anyways,reminded of Plini and Chon!

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