Is it possible to use a POD as just one of the effects/peddles incorporated into a programmable looper/switcher? I know you can use a POD with a looper/switcher alone but wondering if you can use along with others.
Sure. You can put it in series with the rest of your pedals or run it separately from the amp effects loop. Make sure to use the right power supply for the Pod.
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can you restate the question?

are you trying to use the POD as a controller for outboard pedals (Like a loop switcher/line selector)?

or are you wondering if you can you can use your POD with your other stompboxes?
Use the POD as just one of many stomp boxes with a separate looper. Specifically one that will allow you to switch amp channels. A Marshall seems like such a waste if you can't use its distortion.
yup all multi effect units can be used/ set up like a regular effect pedel. you can use it before or after your regular pedals, you can use it in the effects loop of your amp. or just by itself.

i find its sounds ALOT better when used with a loop switcher,i use the boss LS-2 and love this set up
first loop is the multiFX and the second is the standard pedals. its got the function to blend both channels so i can use both at the same time. even has a by pass so i can skip all the effects and just go guitar >amp.
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