For band practice and how's I'm playing a dsl40c amazing amp.
Only prob is its heavy I don't want to lug it all around. I need a practice amp for my home. I'm thinking 1 to 5 watts at most.
I'd go used. Any ideas?
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Lotsa great choices based on budget and tonal desires. Dimebag, Joe Strummer, Chet Atkins?
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Judging from his signature, he wants something high-gain in the Marshall territory.

Look into a used Valveking. 50w but you'll be fine with it turned down some. The lead channel is Marshall voiced. You will probably want a speaker swap with a VK though and new tubes so keep that in mind. The VK's themselves can be found for around $200 USD.
the jet city 20 watters run pretty budget friendly used.
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