Machine head - Imperium

I am trying to learn songs that I feel will push my playing ability and force me to learn new techniques

I am planning on running through a lot of Machine head Slipknot and trivium songs as I understand some are very intimidating.

I know pretty much all trivium songs are nuts and I am not planning on skipping any parts I feel no need to make it easy on myself

I know slipknot and machine head have a bunch of easy songs but I am looking at learning songs start to finish what are some of the hardest ones? from them bands

So I asked 2 questions sorry my brain is fried.
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It doesn't have to be hard to learn the technique. Just as long as there's a solid use there for you to learn by.
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Looks intermediate from looking at the tab, it would be good to learn for practice. A lot of Trivium's songs are more intermediate leveled too. I learned a bunch of songs from shogun back when I first got a 7 string. It was good practice since the songs were a bit more technical than what I already knew at the time.