Hey, guys! I've been meaning to post one of my old songs for a while. So I decided to finally pick one to upload at 4AM when I have class at 10. So smart...

Anyways, it's a song in the middle of an concept album I've mulled over for a long time and I'm pretty stoked about it. The song itself has a loose concept, with the title referencing that odd feeling you get when you're somewhere really high up and you suddenly feel compelled to jump. It's really about depression, self-loathing, and suicidal urges in general, specifically suicide via jumping off a roof. It has a bit of a plot and I suggest following the notes in the rhythm track if you're interested in getting a skeletal idea of it. It continues along the line of stuff I've posted recently, being a really eclectic, fairly jazz informed(I'd like to think) blend of all sorts of metal and punk styles. I think I end up taking more cues from screamo and emo music than usual in this one, though. It's also a bit lengthier than my recent stuff at 5 1/2 minutes long.

I'm curious to see what the responses to it are. Whether you love it or hate or think it's meh, please let me know. Any constructive criticism is welcome. One part I wonder about is the 7/8 section at 153 and if the transition into it was bad or serviceable. Also, I wonder if I should change the title to something more immediate like Suicide Jump or Swan Dive... As always, I would suggest the GPX file (located in the zip) if at all possible, due to potential mixing and effects issues in the GP5 file. Enjoy!
The Urge to Fall From Great Heights.zip
The Urge to Fall From Great Heights.gp5
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The feeling you're describing has a French name that I can never recall but it's translated to English as "The Call Of The Void"