Hey man,

The track sounds kinda muffled, the drum kit especially seems like its missing top end. Some cymbals would probably go well too. The riff is cool, playing is clean enough and everything is in tune and in time. The synth is nice, but sticks out quite alot. I would suggest something a little bit more subtle, just so it feels like it blends in more. Try something that swells in, and with a little less emphasis on the high frequencies. The synth sounding so different from the guitar is what makes it feel kinda abrupt.

The ending is nice. I like it. The tone is nice. The subtlety is more present, and it sound good. I reckon starting with that and getting heavier wouldve worked nicely.

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I agree with Tommy that the drums and synth sound very stiff and robotic, but the guitar playing is great man, tight and I love your fuzzy tone you chose, it just adds something a bit different.
0:52 is fucking sick man, that section is really cool and the solo is nice too. My favourite parts is the part around 2:01, again it's not very conventional which I love, I think the tone you chose for the rhythm guitar for that part was perfect and very garage rocky (it's a compliment). Overall solid tune man and good work, I'd love to hear more.

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i really liked this track man. As for what the other two gentleman said the drums and synths could use a makeover. I really enjoy your guitar playing that fuzz tone is pretty sick. I really enjoyed the part around 2 minutes your solo fits very nice with song. overall you have a really cool song just gotta dial in the drums and you have some good shit goin for you. c4c?