I've been using modern tuners since day 1 but on my SG I'm flipping for a bit of extra cash I realized one of the grommets which is like say klusons or the tuners you see on squier classic vibes to give you guys an idea; so sort of like these below.

my question is do the grommets have to be perfectly level. The ones on this guitar have one or two that are sort of sticking out and not flush with the headstock. Usually this kind of stuff wouldn't bother me as I've played the guitar like 3 times maximum but when i do open notes I hear a rattle

if this is an issue how would I go about fixing it

here's a photo of the style of tuners; this isn't my guitar , I googled the image
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If you have something like a nut driver or socket set, you should be able to use one that's bigger than the tuning posts but smaller that the ferrules to press them back down. Make sure there are no obstructions in the headstock holes so they will seat properly.

I don't suppose they have to be level, but it would look better. Their only functions are aesthetics and to reduce wearing and excess play in the tuner mech.
alright i'll try a socket set. Oddly enough I saw a home renovation video using grommets to learn last night after posting this but from a guitar perspective it's always good to have the second bit of insight. If it was my guitar I'd just ream the holes and put 10mm hole tuners in.