First post here.
Very beginner-ish question.

I am a composer that started playing guitar a few years ago. I have been playing a classical guitar with no problems for a while, but I want to move into the electric world for a change of sound.

While trying different models (20 plus models/styles) I notice that when playing an "a min 7" form barre chord on the 5+ fret, the 7th (G-string) buzzes a lot or does not sound at all.

On steel string acoustics, the problem is worse on even lower positions.

On any nylon string guitar I have no problem on any chord- and I write and play music with a wide variety of complex chords. (Yes, nylon strings are much thicker, I know.)

I am just wondering if there is anything that can be done to fix this on the guitar (action), or is this one of those "practice" problems. Of course the staff at a store will not lower the action or tweak a neck on each guitar for me to "just try".

OR... is this something that everyone has a problem with?

Thanks for the help.
Sounds like the action needs to be raised a bit to me.

Also I'd check the fingering of the chords. You are used to high action (just an assumption on my part since you play nylon acoustic) and attempting to play an instrument with (hopefully) low action. Perhaps you are unintentionally muffling strings on the narrower fretboard?
Thanks for the reply.

Well, I am not muffling anything.

One thing here is that it happens on just about all guitars, only on the barre chords above about the 5th fret, but never on any nylon. On steel string acoustic, it is the hardest because of the high action and thicker strings.

My guitar has very low action for a classical as I set it up like that on purpose.

Could it be radius? Are barre chords easier on a rounder neck?

At this point, I am considering giving up wasting so much time looking for an electric, and instead getting an "electric-nylon" that might give me more of the sound I want when plugged in.

The thing is, I do perform with guitar, so if I can't play these few chords, then the whole thing is basically useless for me.