Lately Ive been experimenting with recording and DIY reamping. Anyway I have a Behringer Xenyx 302 USB , which Ive been using as an audio interface for micing my guitar amp with my SM57, this is all good. However, if I send audio (a DI track) back through the mixer to the output it has a heck of a lot of hiss so the quality of the reamp isnt really worth it - furthermore I can't record the mic anyway because its being used as an output (its quite basic)

So basically Id like recommendations of a cheap audio interface, not neccesarily for an input (as I have the Behringer mixer for recording the mic) , but something to use as an output from the USB port. To simplyfy, USB to XLR.

My budget is very low, as I dont want to spend a lot (even if this requires a bit of DIY) so between £30 and £40. I did see this one called the Alesus Core 1, which would serve me well as an input for audio, but Im unsure about outputting as many of these don't seem to say about that.

Please ask if theres anymore questions

You can get good one with 30~40 euro budget, only if it's a secondhand.
You need about 100$ at a minimum for new one.
I recommend Focusrite Scarlett Solo.
I know some of Behringer's Products are more cheaper, but they're not working well.
Yeah I saw good reviews about that. I didn't think about secondhand , so Ill look into that. It does look good.
You should read the introduction to recording sticky in this section.
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