Is it even possible for me to learn to sing?

I've been practicing in the car every day and expanded my vocal range massively the past few months (like MASSIVELY - it was tiny).

Now I just bought a microphone (for fun) and seeing what I actually sound like in my bedroom.

Its like, I sound worse than the worse person I've ever heard in my life? I can't even speak properly , missing notes that I should be hitting, and sound like a child.

If this is me after daily practice in the car to the same 4 fucking songs every day, what the hell am I supposed to do?

Please advice me someone. I LOVE singing, just I never done it because my vocal range has always been so bad that I would just sing out of tune thinking that I was in tune because I didn't realise I couldn't hit ANY notes physically, and also my voice sounds like I am autistic??

Below are 2 recordings from this morning the first time I'm trying to record.

The first one is after many attempts / warming up, I tried to sing in a "stylised" way and think it sounded OK actually.

The second one I also tried to sing more "wildly" to see if it sounded any good and its so painful that its actually embarrassing, even confusingly bad. I mean how can anyone be so bad? *actually i delete that recording and try again , give me a minute*

I will continue to record myself and try out "styling" my voice today.

Thanks :3

*will update with video clips in a min*
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ok so here are the clips. i guess my question in short is ............... can i become decent at singing or do you have to be born (or grow up with) at least with some semblance of talent and natural inclination of quality?

do i need to "play around" a lot with my singing voice to find a style of communication that sounds good? because clearly my "natural" talking/singing voice is painful

(actually i find i adopt random accents when trying to sing to songs, i am british but often adopt a weird shit american accent or a hardcore british country accent for some reason. sometimes i even do a mumbling style like the guy from Lifehouse (band) . and sometimes i try to sing like The Cure or david bowie (the latter at which i fail at sadly). its like im trying to find a style or accent that sounds good rather than my own accent (which is naturally awful/autistic/nasally/confusing)? i dont understand it)

note im posting clip2 first because its more representative of my current behaviour :

maybe i need to find a way to sing with more confidence and go "all out" more, maybe thats the key to my problem??

both start around 12 sec

clip 2


clip 1


you can see quite clearly that in the second posted clip im trying to put on an accent and the top clip is more like my normal voice .... maybe i need to find out how to adopt an accent that im comfortable and confident with?


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UPDATE ok someone said to try singing even louder and try to let loose even more , and since my housemates are out i tried, and look at the result, its many many folds better than anything before. i dont know how you can sing this loudly/pratice singing if you live in an apartment with other people tho, its impossible. i was really fucking loud. (also i thought you're suposed to be able to sing quietly ? maybe thats for the really skilled people)

i will try doing the same with a pop song now (much harder since i cant do british bowie style accent and no idea what accent to use lol.................)

new clip:

What do you know about singing techniques? Do you use your diaphragm? Do you project your voice? What about ear training, you weren't really in tune in those clips, how much experience do you have in learning stuff by ear, and are you aware of the pitch you're in while you're singing? (this might sound like a no brainer but it's not that easy)

Few months isn't a lot. Yes, I believe that you can learn how to sing. But in those clips, you weren't really in tune, and it sounded more like speaking than singing, which leads me to believe that you still don't have a grasp on singing techniques.

What can you do to help this? Well, I'm not a singer so take this with a pinch of salt, but you could start learning melodies by ear, recording them, and making sure you stay in tune. Learn to breath with your diaphragm, and learn how to use it in singing in order to get some strength to your voice. I think that's what makes it sound like you're not going "all out", you don't use your lungs and diaphragm properly, which makes it sound somewhat weak.

Also, a teacher would help a lot.
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Why not take some lessons? Especially when it comes to singing, it's pretty hard to give advice over the internet.

For some people the technique comes naturally, for some it doesn't. But everybody can learn to sing. And I think everybody can sound at least decent. Your voice is what it is but you can learn to control it. And I hear nothing wrong with your voice. You just need more accuracy and you need to learn some technique.

Why you may hate your voice is because you are not used to it. You rarely hear yourself from a third person perspective. Your voice just sounds different inside your head. Many people hate hearing their own voice. That's normal.

And don't expect to be amazing in a few months. Just like any other skill, it takes many years to master.

Also, I would stop worrying about accents and all that right now. Just be yourself.
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f you're okay with a bit of criticism, here's mine (hopefully constructive),
  • it seems like you are singing just one note in Singing test 2 (almost as if you're just reading the lyrics)
  • As someone said earlier, learn to use your diaphragm.
  • Also, singing in tune takes a while (after all, Rome wasn't built in a day)
  • Try humming along to your favorite songs first (probably some slow songs, so you can train your vocal cords to match the pitch you hear in your ears)
  • Try practicing with "do re mi fa so la ti do" until you can nearly accurately hit those notes

I can't really think of much else right now, but I hope this helped you (somewhat)
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When you say you have been practicing...what exactly does that mean?

Is it just singing along to songs?

You really need to do some specific exercises, breathing and diaphragmatic exercises as well as general singing exercises, ear training exercises etc

it's also good to record yourself, or even to monitor yourself through some headphones.