I bought an Ibanez S770 a few years back, and mostly kept it in a fairly high tuning. Often I would get a thicker set and tune to Drop C, but it wasn't until I started playing in C Standard that I noticed the low C was... Well it never sounded like it was in tune. But it wasn't an intonation issue. It has immense harmonic overtones and resonates other frequencies that clash with the 5th and octave notes.

Recently I haven't been playing a lot. But I decided to play around and put a 7 string set on it, and skip the last string, tuned to Drop Ab. It is HORRID. I've got a .64 as the low string and these harmonic warbling frequencies are killing it. You pick the string and you can barely even tell what note it is, it's just all over the place. And I even noticed this when it was in C, but I just ignored it after not being able to fix it.

Could this be a pickup issue? They are stock. A poorly constructed body resonance issue? I'd include a sound clip but I can't at the moment.
It's likely a scale issue. And also likely an amp issue.

If you listen to a spinet piano in the lower reaches and then compare it to a 9' grand, you'll hear a lot of the same issues. The bottom four notes on a spinet are near indistinguishable, but ring out with clarity on the grand. It's about the string length compared to the note you want to reproduce (the tension on the string and the thickness of the string also come into it).

You're eight half tones (down around 52Hz) below the low E that normally exists on that guitar. You're below the second-from-the-bottom string on a bass (34" scale, compared to your 25.5" scale).

There's more. Guitar speakers cut off below about 100-110Hz (left side of the graph, below). They mostly don't even reproduce the *fundamental* of the normal low E (82Hz) on a six string. Instead, you "hear" notes like that based on the mathematical relationship of the harmonics that "indicate" that note. If you had a good bass amp, you *might* hear the fundamental of that note.

So what you're likely hearing are actually overlapping harmonics ("warbling").
So, likely NOT pickups, not "poorly constructed body resonance."
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