I just wanted to show you the wardrobe i've built/modified for my guitars and basses to protect them from dust, direct sunlight and fast temperature changes when windows are opened during winter.
The modifications made are quite easy, this is not a complicated project, if you have access to a some basic powertools.
The frame was not designet by me. I was afraid I would not get the symmetry and stability perfect, so I bought a frame without doors from ikea (very popular in Europe and quite cheap). I covered the back panel with mirrory foil for a special touch.
The construction for holding the guitars is entirely made from wood, which is easy to get and easy to work with. It is stable enough. The guitars stand on two "rails" rounded at the tops. The neck rests are made from round wooden rods sticking in a 1" by 1" square bar. The rails and neck rests are painted black and covered with soft black pipe insulation. Under the board which holds the weight of the guitars, I added two vertical boards for support.
You may wonder if the guitars could easily fall over to the side - no they will not. The rails are spaced wide enough. The concept here is that the guitars should stand as vertical as possible, so there is minimal force on the necks. ...compared to those common multi-guitar stands where the instruments are always tilted sideways.
The doors were entirely made by me. I wanted to put an acrylic glass window in each door so you could see inside. I was afraid that the material used on cheap ikea doors was to weak to stand a cutout of this size. So I made the doors from quality chipboard from the local wood store. (fake oak-faced). The drawback was that I had to precisely drill large holes in the doors to fit the concealed hinges. I made a frame for the windows out of L-profile wood to give them a cleaner look. In the end I mounted a LED stripe inside the closet.
I think this project turned out pretty nice. What do you think?
Click on the thumbnails to see the photos in full-size.

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Yea. It's a big improvement on my current storage 'solution'(a 5 guitar stand, plus a couple of battens attached to the studs in plasterboard walls with hangers screwed in).
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Looks great

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wow excellent
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Looks sweet! Pics of German amps please.

ENGL and Diezel Amps are made in Germany.
I can't afford one.
I play an AMT (Russia) StoneHead sh-50-4 through a Tube Town (oh well the're from Germany, too) Cab with 2x12 Jensen Tornados (neodymium magnets..light!!!) ..modified so one side is always closed back, one is open but I can close it.
...yes, I like custom diy stuff.
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Outrageously sweet solution.
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justinguitar.com is the answer
that is pretty cool!
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That is really cool, I have been looking for a new project and this one looks like the winning idea. Thanks.