Itention to kill is a well-produced metal track. Your phrasing is very melodic. I dig the tone at the very beginning. It reminded me a little bit of bachata. The drums sound excellent. The shift at 2:13 was sudden. I like the incongruence between the sample that starts at about 2:23 with the soft playing in the background. I thought the arpeggio at 3:29 was very fitting. I don't really have any criticism as your track is really solid. It might be interesting to hear vocals or other instrument voices here.

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I really enjoyed the track man ! The production of the rhythm guitars is stellar, and the overall mix is great too. The clean interlude and the buildup to that massive last bit is also brilliantly executed. The last dual harmony guitar reminds me a lot of Mutiny Within, great band.

The only gripe I have is with the lead guitar line from 01:00 onwards. I think it could do with a lot more vibrato, but that's just my personal preference.

Overall, great job dude ! <3

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Damn I love that lead riff in the very beginning I wish it kept going. I like the effect in 0:40. The part at 0:48 felt slightly off time. I also liked how it kicks off at 1:00.

Liking the build up at 1:23. Was a cool lick.

At 2:00 it sounds like you got too many tracks at once which is making the sound jump and causing some muddle. I don't know if you use a lot of high pass filtering but from what I learned it is useful in basically every single item you track. Also lowering the sounds slightly for each 'extra' track when you have a lot of layers going on will help.

3:00 is awesome, reminds me of some early Arch Enemy. Just that raw heaviness with the melody on top is awesome. 3:54 another solid Arch Enemy riff! Not saying you are ripping them off, you really aren't, you made your own riffs and style which is what musicians need to be doing.

I don't think fading out is necessary although I completely understand user preference.

So on the mix, one of the ways I test out the mix is to turn my speakers up at a relatively uncomfortable level and if it just squeals and shreds my ears apart then there are certain frequencies that need to be toned down. I heard none of that with your song. Everything is smooth.

However, upon further scrutiny I noticed some hiss noise on the clean guitar parts. Do you use a noise gate? Easiest way to clean that up, just have to make sure it doesn't cut out any of your sustained notes.
hmm.. i think from 0:26 there may be too many tracks layered because i think i hear clipping whenever the tom fills kick in. are these live drums or programmed? they sound fantastic to me. the chugging sounds deep and powerful to me, i can't find much to complain about your track, nice work

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Hey, I'm loving the drum mix on here, the snare is very snappy and sounds very full. This song reminds me of some old War of Ages records, the mix you got is pretty similar (that's a good thing). Very good energy throughout, the ending left me wanting more! Also tight rhythm playing, everything sounded perfectly in sync. I'll be checking out your other stuff. C4C?