So I bought a Two Notes torpedo cab to go with my pod. On the pod I'm using the preamp version of the head with no cab and my KRKs are run through the back of my pod. I plug the CAB into the pods fx loop. It still has the sound of what's it's like when you have no power amp or cab. So I think to myself, maybe it's in the wrong spot. No, literally I have tried every damn combination and nothing makes it work. Please help me
you usually need two cables to run something in the effects loop.

POD fx out -> torpedo -> POD fx in

this is assuming it is not a stereo effects loop.

have you checked to see if the POD is setup to include the effects loop in the signal chain? you do drop the FX loop into the signal chain like any other module, so if it is not included in the signal chain then you won't hear it. i know this is obvious, but i thought i would mention it.
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Okay say the pod isn't set up for that. How can I set it up? Would that be a setting in the pod?
I opened up my torpedo program and I have no input from the pod in the pods fx loop

Edit : I put an overdrive pedal in the loop and it powered on but had no effect on sound. What is going on with my pod?
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here is a link to all the HD pro X pdf manuals. I suggest you read them
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