Thrash metal from Belgium. Had a two killer thrash albums with Distant Thunder's Call, and Primeval Tyrants Prevail. Definite Hellhammer - Apokalyptic Raids influence but more thrash focused and slightly less muddied sound. Crisp and precise. New album coming out in March:


Older stuff is in the bandcamp, definitely listen if you like thrash
wow, definitely another added to the list for things to do tomorrow!

edit: listening now....this is quite good too, sounds a lot like Hellish Crossfire.
guitar tone is a bit too modern for the sound they are going for though.
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This is great. I don't listen to a huge amount of thrash these days, mostly Voivod and Vektor, but I thrash used to be my thing as a teenager. But I really like the raw vibe here, I especially like the vocals and their production. Going to check out their earlier albums as well.
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