hi my name is damian. i have been practicing guitar for 13 days or so building up calluses.
i have trying to learn chords starting with C for last 3 days practicing a lot but i still take about 2 or 3 seconds to make the chord.
is it normal ?
should i keep practicing C or practice some other chords
Hi Damian,

It's completely normal.

Keep practising, it took me ages to train my fingers to go to the right place. Just keep practising as slowly as you need to, slow enough that when you put your fingers to the guitar they only go to the correct place (not put your fingers on and readjust)...and eventually they will go to the right place quicker and quicker.

However I do recommend learning other basic chords at the same time as the C chord, like practising a progression. I started with C, G, D, E. Just practise carefully and don't give up.

Make sure you are using your fingertips to press down the strings as well.