Ongoing project here! Learning and recording each track every week in order. Each video has all three guitar parts included and the song in the background, at the end I will release the entire album video!

Update #1
Something From Nothing:

Update #2
The Feast and The Famine:

Update #3

Update #4
What Did I Do?/God is my Witness

Update #5
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Quote by antonio.giacalo
Good man...But u have to improve your skills....How long have u been playin the guitar?

7 years, you have to keep in mind that I'm learning all three parts a couple of hours before recording them. Obviously I could do them better if I took a week or two to really master them but I don't have the time! Plus it's not as fun

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Very cool idea man, I might do something similar (obviously not Sonic highways though haha).

thanks! I did something similar before doing a full Pearl Jam album all in one take, but that was during winter break and I had the time then

definitely go for it, it's a fun way to get yourself learning songs!
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