I recently purchased some Chinese kmise zebra humbuckers as replacements to the pickups in an epiphone les paul special ii, and after receiving them realized something. They didn't come with a manual to explain the wire's color coding. The neck pickup has 4 wires which are: a black wire which is alone, a red wire and white wire which are soldered together, and a bare wire which is wrapped around a green wire. The bridge has a lone uncovered wire, a green wire, a black wire, and a red wire and a white wire which are soldered together. I was wondering, does any body have any idea what the wires do? I haven't replaced pickups before and am not confident in my ability to guess so can someone help me?
i might have dealt with that company before, take a photo and I'll see, do you know anyone with a multimeter? this makes my job easier in case I haven't.

bare is ground , this I'm 100% sure on, as no pickup uses ground differently I've dealt with.

usually on chinese pickups they come pre-tinned and ready to install I've seen for 15 american roughly on ebay; but some don't and this is when having a a multimeter comes in handy.

so with a multimeter set it to 20k in ohms (looks like a horse shoe) and twist the wires together there is 4 wires including bare so 16 maximum combinations, if both pickups are the same brand match the color scheme because you don't want them to be out of phase.

with 4 wires not including bare you need to have the following , we're using dimarzio color code so don't follow this it's to make a point mostly
north start by itself - say red on a dimarzio
the finish wires to be soldered together and are taped off - black/white
the south start and bare ago to ground

usually i take pickups apart when i'm not sure by unwrapping them but it's risky.