Track title: Backseat Philosopher
Link to track: https://soundcloud.com/andresjam/backseat-philosopher

Hey guys, I recently built a new PC and I have been eager to record a full track using my new rig! I'm not really sure what genre to classify this track as - though I think the riffs here are a little on the heavy side. I appreciate any and all feedback you might have.

C4C: I am more than happy to check out your work too. Please leave a link to your track or forum post.

Thanks dudes!

thank you for the critique!I really dug this man I really liked the direction in which you went with this track with the vocals being spoken I feel that added a interesting element to the structure of this song the guitar riffs I thought for the most part were pretty god damn powerful I am gonna like this song on sound cloud and start following you Im digging what your doin keep up the good work
Very interesting and original song. I like the spoken vocals, it add some kind of mystery to the song. But I think the best part is 0:29 - 0:43. This punchy riff add some heaviness to the song
(truly headbang there). Generally it's a very creative song, made with passion and idea.
Good production quality, i'm not sure how I feel about the spoken word vocals but they're interesting and add something different to the song. I love the structure it keeps the listener interested. The part at 1:22 just blew me away though (can you tell me how you achieved that sound), that section is fucking awesome and the part that immediately follows is really good!
Really good work man, you earned yourself a follower,

You can crit my music here man: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1696884
Hey man you have some cool stuff here. I really enjoyed the lead section at 0:43. Very clean playing, and the tone is very smooth! You got a nice sound on your rhythm guitars too. They have a little less bite than I would prefer, but too each their own. They fit well in the mix, but seem a bit bottom heavy; maybe try a higher high pass. It sounds as if they are stepping on the toes of the bass, or vice versa, if that makes any sense. Carving out space in the EQ for each instrument makes a HUGE difference, it just takes time to figure out what goes where. I like your drum mix too, but I wish it could be a bit louder because the guitars drown it out most of the time. Great song man, keep at it!