So I got a mini recifier which is a great amp, but I wanted to get some different distortion tones, so I got a rat2 for dirt cheap(brand new). I've Always liked the tone of them but when I use it, it sounds really bad like theirs a blanked over it and Muddy,thin hard to describe but nothing like it should sound. Am plugging it straignt to the amp no other pedals and powering using a new battery on the clean channel. Maybe I have to change the eq settings on the amp? And does it take a while to find the sweet spot?
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Try a little drier than usual on the distortion setting on the amp and just dial in a touch of dirt from the Rat. Then use the filter as eq, I remember it being backwards, towards the left is brighter. Also you can bump up the volume some to get more gain into the preamp stage.
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